Bills-Jets Game Relocated

According to ESPN, snow is still falling all around Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Governor of New York stated that it would be impractical to play Sunday’s game in the stadium. The National Football League agreed and released a statement that the game will be relocated to a neutral site. These three sites are Washington, D.C., Detroit and Pittsburgh. So either way, the players will still be battling the cold weather just not the storm. The league and governor are concerned about public safety and at this point it is not worth putting anyone at risk.


Football fans are die hard fans, they will find the will and the way to arrive anywhere for their team. The area is expecting warmer weather this weekend, so why change the location if the weather is looking up? This is something Stephen Williams wine just does not understand. There is a large concern for flooding in the area with the mountains of snow melting, once again causing a public safety issue. This is a very rare circumstance for the NFL. They are trying to determine which day and time would be good for the game and the teams’ fans. So no worries, they are definitely going to play the game in week 12.

Tate Finds New Home In Minnesota

Former Cleveland Browns running back Ben Tate found a new home just a day after being released. The Minnesota Vikings obtained Tate off of waivers, namely due to the uncertainty of their two running backs for this week’s game against the divisional rival Green Bay Packers. The news was shared with me by fan Darius Fisher. Waiver claims were placed on Tate by the Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts, yet the Vikings received Tate because their record was the poorest of the three teams. The Minnesota Vikings will have to pay out the remainder of the salary owed to Tate, plus an additional $47,000 for every game that Tate remains on the Vikings roster.

Importantly, Ben Tate may end up in the same predicament that he was so vocal about in Cleveland. Tate made a point of noting his displeasure about the work share he had in Cleveland with rookies Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell. At first blush, it appears he will have the exact same situation in Minnesota with Matt Asiata and Jerick McKinnon sharing the carries for the Vikings. Tate does have the opportunity to get the upper hand versus his peers since both Asiata (concussion) and McKinnon (back) are nursing injuries and have not participated in practice this week. Offensive Coordinator Norv Turner stated that they are pleased with McKinnon’s results thus far, and that Tate was brought in solely as an insurance policy in the event that Asiata or McKinnon are not able to play versus the Packers.

RG3s Future in NFL in Jeopardy, Injuries Plague his Young Career

Robert Griffin III, more affectionately known as RG3, returned to the field on Sunday after spending several weeks on the bench due to a dislocated ankle, but his return was anything but triumphant. RG3, once considered a charismatic superstar who could change the fates of football, has fallen from grace. Avid football fan Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez is sad to see such a promising career shackled by a multitude of injuries.

In fact, the demoralizing loss to Tampa Bay on his first return to the field, have many wondering if RG3’s career is over, at the ripe old age of just 24. The charismatic quarterback further self-destructed when he spoke to the media following the loss. Gone was his coy smile and quips; anger, frustration and blame towards his teammates and coaches replaced them. 

Now, RG3’s quarterback position seems in jeopardy. In fact, it appears fans want to see Colt McCoy lead the Redskins for the rest of the year, and it’s possible the team and coaches agree with the sentiment. Griffin’s NFL career, after all, has been rife with injury and inconsistent play. 

Robert Griffin III was selected as the second overall pick of the draft in 2012 by the Redskins. He was named a co-captain his first year with the team. By the end of the 2012-2013 season, Griffin was injured with ACL and LCL damage. RG3 returned for the 2013 season, but sat out several games due to injury. 

On September 14th, 2014 he was carried off the field after dislocating his left ankle in week 2. His third game of the season occurred in week 9 against Tampa Bay. The loss was a huge blow to the team, considering The Buccaneers less than impressive record. 

Disgruntled AFC North Backs Receive Release

On Tuesday morning two running backs for AFC Northern Divisions squads were released from their respective rosters. Ben Tate was cut from the Browns after playing in only 11 games of his two year contract that he signed this past off season. The former Raven runner had lost carries week to week in Cleveland and reached a low point when he touched the ball just two times in last week’s loss.

The bulk of recent Browns carries have gone to rookies Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell. The veteran Tate failed to out earn the youngsters in recent games and made himself expendable with a disgruntled attitude towards teammates and reporters.

The Pittsburgh Steelers also parted ways with a running back on Tuesday by waiving LeGarrette Bount after his nationally televised hissy fit during the final few moments of the Steelers Monday Night Football victory over the Tennessee Titans.

The veteran was upset at getting no carries in the victory and made his way off of the field in advance of the two minute warning. This wasn’t his first display against team unity or his first time at odds against management. In fact, fans like Jared have been frustrated in the past. Blount had been thought by skeptics to have been a bad influence on second year running back Le’Veon Bell who had the best game of his young career Monday running for 204 yards and a touchdown in 33 carries.

It’s easy to expect one or both of these backs getting another chance to catch on with someone else, but unless the performance off of the field improves, they may not get much of a chance to improve their play on the field.

Jaguars Football Player Arrested After Trying to Pay with Gum for Items

Dwayne Gratz, a cornerback for the National Football League’s Jacksonville Jaguars, was arrested early on Sunday morning for disorderly intoxication and trespassing. According to the police report, Gratz went to the Ocean Reef Suits store in Miami Beach, Florida and tried to pay for items using bubble gum because he did not have any money on him. Gratz is in the middle of a 4 year contract totaling over $3 million. The employee of the store called police after Gratz refused to leave the store and caused a disturbance which made other customers leave. Once the police arrived, they noticed that Gratz had bloodshot eyes and smelled of alcohol. After failing to listen to the police orders to leave the story, Gratz was arrested. He has since been released after posting a $1,000 bond.

This is another story of a rich football player not being able to pay for items that they want. It is concerning to say the least to fans like Lee G. Lovett. The NFL should look into a program for newly drafted or signed football players out of college, and teach them about what to do and what not to do. Many of these players come from broken homes in broken cities, and they are just not ready to adapt from the poverty lifestyle to the rich lifestyle. Hopefully the NFL looks to enforce more classes and training to help these players get a better understand of how to act as a professional athlete.

RGIII Further Alienates Teammates at Press Conference

Robert Griffin III couldn’t get much done against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the field Sunday but it seems as if he continued to make bad decisions in his post game press conference. While he admitted that he had a poor game he made a few statements that seemed to point fingers in the direction of his Washington Redksin teammates.

One of the great quarterbacks that Griffin sited in his statements was Peyton Manning, a certain future Hall of Famer, who also had a bad game on Sunday. Manning managed to throw for nearly 400 yards but misfired badly on two key interceptions and the Broncos offense never got going in a loss to the St. Louis Rams. Manning’s press conference explanations couldn’t have been more different than RGIII’s. Big thanks to Colts fanatic Rod Rohrich for helping me find the link.

It seems as Robert Griffin III take a few lessons from the veterans like Manning. He could learn a few things about reading offenses, leading teammates, winning games and also sure as heck give him a few lessons about handling yourself during post game press conferences.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden didn’t say whether or not Griffin will be his starting quarterback next week but it will be a tough one as the Reskins will travel cross country to face the San Francisco 49ers, at least the Skins will be able to escape from the boo birds at FedEx Field.

Federal Drug Agents Conduct Surprise Inspections on NFL Teams

On Sunday, several NFL teams’ medical staffs were inspected for suspected drug abuse in National Football League. This is part of ongoing inspections after a group of retired NFL players claimed that some National Football League medical staffs disregard federal and state drug laws and prescribe powerful narcotics, and other drugs to help players play through injuries during NFL games.

Federal drug agencies checked bags and questioned team doctors about their involvement in this unlawful act. The medical staffs were part of the officials of different teams playing in different venues across the country. San Francesco 49ers team spokesman confirmed that federal agencies had inspected the team before their game against New York Giants in New Jersey. However, he didn’t give more details about the inspection. Thanks to friend of the site Igor Cornelsen for sending in this story.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers were also inspected by DEA. The drug agents met with the team at Baltimore-Washington Airport after their win over Washington Redskins. Federal drug agents also inspected Seattle Seahawks after their game against Kansas City. According to NFL official, several teams have already met with the drug agents.

A DEA official who spoke on condition of anonymity said that it was important to investigate the teams that played on Sunday. The official, however, said that the investigations were not limited to those teams. The investigation is targeting teams that distribute drugs without professional prescription, abuse of such drugs and trainers who dispense drugs instead of physicians.

Reinstatement Hearing for Peterson Scheduled for Monda

The NFL Players Union kept quiet during the legal process involving charges of child abuse aimed at Minnesota Vikings running back Adrien Peterson but now that the legal process has wrapped with no felony charges levied against the Vikings star the union is clearly stepping up to get the league to reinstate Peterson and allow the Vikings to put him back onto their active roster. Thanks to friend of the site Sultan Alhokair for sending in the tip

The hearing will take place Monday in front of a third party arbiter who will evaluate the issues at hand and determine if Peterson will be reinstated. Peterson has been what has basically been a paid leave from the Vikings while he went through his court proceedings. After plea bargaining his charges down to a misdemeanor the NFLPA communicated to the league to allow Peterson to rejoin his team but the NFL instead said that they needed to investigate potential punishment under the league’s personal conduct policy. The investigation would include the league office conducting interviews with Peterson and other individuals involved in the case.

Peterson has not played since week one and if the league’s new harsher personal conduct penalties are added on then he could receive an additional six game suspension which would all but end his 2014 season. The union is pushing for the games missed to count as time served towards that punishment. The Vikings have sorely missed Peterson performances such as these:

This will be a highly anticipated conference call for fans in the NFC North, as the Vikings still have an opportunity to go on a late season run which could earn them a playoff birth.

Shaun Hill Named the Starting Quarterback for the St. Louis Rams

After number one overall pick in 2010, Sam Bradford, went down with another season ending injury, the St. Louis Rams went with undrafted rookie quarterback Austin Davis as the starter. However, through nine games, the Rams are 3-6 and look to be missing the playoffs for the ninth straight year. So the Rams are switching quarterbacks again, starting veteran quarterback Shaun Hill this Sunday as the Rams travel to Denver to play the AFC West leading Denver Broncos. The Rams were hoping Austin Davis could prove something at age 25, and he had a nice start to his career, beating the San Francisco 49ers along the way. However it is clear that coach Jeff Fisher isn’t happy with Davis’ 12 touchdowns and nine interceptions in nine games.

Is this the right move for the St. Louis Rams to make? Shaun Hill is 35 and is not the answer at quarterback for the future. Austin Davis showed flashes of what he can do, and even though he has six losses through nine games, he played the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys tough, and both of those teams look to be heading towards a playoff berth. The season is already lost, why not let Davis finish the season and get more playing time? As a Dallas fan, Rod doesn’t really care either way, but he would like the best quarterback to play for the Rams. Looks like the St. Louis Rams are still searching for the answer at quarterback, and it may be awhile until they are back in the playoffs.

Sanchez Gets a Philly Classic for Post Game Meal

Mark Sanchez has officially endeared himself to Philadelphia fans. His 332 passing yards and two touchdowns in the Eagles 45-21 victory on Monday Night Football certainly played a part in that. But it’s what Sanchez did after the game that had Philly fans embracing him as one of their own.

Sanchez sampled cheesesteaks from the two most famous cheesesteak shops in Philadelphia, Pat’s and Geno’s.

Prior to the Eagles game with the Carolina Panthers, Sanchez said if Philadelphia won, he would go get a cheesesteak from both shops. Sanchez kept his word, much to the delight of the numerous fans who turned out to see him partake in a Philly culinary classic. Local fans like Igor Cornelsen are happy to see the quarterback embracing local culture.

Sanchez spent the previous five seasons with the New York Jets. After going 11-5 in 2010 and leading the team to the AFC Championship Game, the former USC quarterback went 8-8 in 2011 and 6-9 in 2012. Sanchez missed all of 2013 with a shoulder injury and was released at the end of the season. The Eagles signed him to be Nick Foles’ back-up. When Foles went down with an injury during Philadelphia’s game against Houston, Sanchez came onto the field, throwing for over 200 yards and 2 touchdowns as the Eagles won 31-21. The Monday Night game was Sanchez’s first start since December, 2012.