Responding to Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys professional football team, has been called numerous names. He is one of the most well known owners in the United States. He is known as an owner who is hands on with his team. Last Monday night, Jones went down to the field during the last quarter of the game and talked face to face with head coach Jason Garrett.

A number of people, including myself and Sam Tabar thought it was strange and wondered what the conversation was. Usually, owners do not come on a field during the latter part of a game, if at all. However, Jones came down to on the field to visit Garrett. According to Jones, his purpose of going down was to tell him that Tony Romo was going back on the field.

While it can be easy to assail Jones, remember that he is the owner of the team. He has had problems with others, such as former head coach Jimmy Johnson.

Mistakes have been made in his past. Jones recognizes that he is not perfect in terms of being owner and general manager at the same time. Still, no one can question the interest he has in his team. A man who shows interest by showing up on the field, who is a frequent visitor in the locker room and who markets his team is an individual who loves the Dallas Cowboys.

Bronco’s Fan Goes Missing in the Stadium and Still No Trace Can Be Found

NFL games are known to stand out from ordinary days during the calendar year. For Laurene Powell Jobs or those other fortunate souls that gain tickets, the experience from tailgating to the final gun makes for stories to be retold for years to come. That is what makes it even more unusual what happened on a Thursday evening as San Diego visited the Denver Broncos. What occurred that has a nation talking while a family wrings their hands with worry at home.

Fans of the Denver Broncos are anxious to prove that last season’s Super Bowl woes were behind them. The crowd was solidly behind them as they were paving the way to a 35-21 win over division rival San Diego. At half time, men frequently head off to the restroom and Paul Kittermen, 53, proved to be no exception. Off he went while his son and other members of the party stay behind to enjoy the halftime festivities. Minutes turned into the start of the third quarter and concern grew. How can a man disappear with some many people in the vicinity? That is exactly what happened as he never returned.

Less than $100 on him, he could not have gone far. Loved ones and the authorities have scoured every corner of the stadium. Police reports have been file but still not a trace. The family is beyond themselves as it has been over three long days since they have seen Paul. Anyone with knowledge is encouraged to call the police. Foul play is not suspected but at this point nothing can really be ruled out until he comes home.

Freeze Backs the Bus up over Bo Wallace

Last year we had the Gus Bus at Auburn. This year the wheels on the bus continue to turn at Ole Miss as Coach Hugh Freeze blames his star quarterback, Bo Wallace, for losing the game on an interception with 2 seconds on the clock. It seems easy for Ole Miss fans to throw “Bad Bo” under the bus but not his own coach.

After Ole Miss lost to LSU 10-7, Coach Freeze was asked about the final offensive play for his team. Namely, he was asked why they did not kick a game-tying field goal instead of running that final play that resulted in an interception that sealed the win for LSU. His response is classic damage control. “I thought we were pretty clear we would take that flat throw or throw it out of bounds,” Freeze said after the game, per TJ Werre of WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi. “[I] wish I could do it over.”

Many of my greatest heroes in life have been coaches. I have learned many of my management lessons from watching them operate. One of those lessons is that leaders take the blame for the failures and give credit to his team for the successes. Evidently, Coach Freeze does not agree with that philosophy. I seem to remember a kid’s song that says “The wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round.” Igor Cornelsen and I are waiting to see how this turns out.

Peyton Manning: Class Personified

Peyton Manning set an NFL record on Sunday, October 19th, throwing his 509th (and later, his 510th) career touchdown in the convincing Denver Broncos dismantling of the San Francisco 49ers, 42-17.

In his postgame interview (, Manning was, as always, humble and understated as he fielded questions about his tremendous achievement.

At 38, Manning is at the tail end of his glorious NFL career (though, statistically, he’s never been better than he is right now, and is showing no signs of slowing down). He set an NFL single-season mark for TD passes (55) last season while leading the Broncos to the AFC title and Super Bowl.

More records will follow. By the time Manning is enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame, he should own nearly every passing record a quarterback can achieve. But what I think makes him a truly great quarterback, and even more importantly, a truly great person, is his wonderful character, both on and off the field.

In this era of the athlete being seen as greedy, pompous, egotistic, and just downright criminal at times, Manning is a class act. Read or view any interview with Manning like this one conducted by Lee G. Lovett, and he will praise all others for his tremendous success (coaches, teammates, family members, and others), while deflecting any platitudes that come his way.

Records are numbers that are easy to go back and view in print. What truly should be remembered about Peyton Manning is the great man behind all the statistics. A wonderful, memorable quality that trumps all achievement on the playing field. Reinforcing our faith that there is still class and sportsmanship in professional sports today.

Cincinnati Linebacker Fined $25,000 for Twisting Cam Newton’s Ankle

Bengals linebacker, Vontaze Burfict, was fined $25,000 for deliberately twisting the ankles of Panther players Cam Newton and Greg Olsen during this past Sunday’s game in Cincinnati.

On Tuesday, a source told ESPN’s Ed Werder that the NFL will review tapes that it received from Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera, that allegedly show Burfict twisting the two players’ ankles after they had been tackled. According to the same source, the video shows Cam Newton’s ankle twist in greater detail than it does for Greg Olsen.

Burfict’s agent, Gianfrancesco Genoso was asked on Wednesday as to his thoughts on the allegations and fine that have been levied upon Burfict. Lewis responded by offering no specific comment except that both Burfict and the overall defense could be playing a better than they have been in recent weeks.

One of Burfict’s teammates, cornerback Adam Jones, mentioned that he was surprised, “Because there was no flag and that Vontaze plays with great emotions and I don’t think he should have been fined $25,000 for it.”

When asked on Wednesday as to whether he’d like to talk about the incident, Panther quarterback Cam Newton said that he’d rather move on and that, “It doesn’t bother me.”

Even though his fellow teammate, Greg Olsen, was a bit more outspoken this past Monday, he took a more subtle approach earlier today by saying that he was not disappointed in the NFL’s decision to fine Burfict $25,000.

Katy Perry To Play The Next Super Bowl Halftime Show

In NFL news you don’t care about, Katy Perry has been lined up to play the next Half Time Show at the upcoming Super Bowl XLIX.

So now you know which performer you’ll ignore while you talk with your friends, and wait for the game to come back on.

Although I wonder how much Katy Perry’s representation had to pay in order to land the singer the opportunity. The NFL had said that they’d be expecting performers to pay for the glory of the half time show, and the massive exposure that comes alongside.

NFL Penalties Are Way Up This Season

Wanting to get things right, and ruining the product are two extremely different things. With all of the new reviews the NFL brought in a few years ago, including reviewing every scoring play, the game slowed down a little bit. To the point that the second game of the day had to be pushed back a half an hour, because the early games were always running long.

But now things have gotten worse, as the NFL officials are calling more penalties than ever. On the average, penalties are up more than 2 per game so far. That’s a looot of extra penalties when you think about how many games have been played.

But the NFL doesn’t seem to see this as a problem, as they are happy to see more calls being made. They want the officials more involved. I guess less excitement makes the games more exciting, in some type of twisted logic.

There was a time when I’d put off going to Genesis Diamonds to get my fiance her engagement ring, because I had to watch the NFL for the whole day, every Sunday throughout the season. But I have to say guys, you’re making it more difficult than ever to love you.