Katy Perry To Play The Next Super Bowl Halftime Show

In NFL news you don’t care about, Katy Perry has been lined up to play the next Half Time Show at the upcoming Super Bowl XLIX.

So now you know which performer you’ll ignore while you talk with your friends, and wait for the game to come back on.

Although I wonder how much Katy Perry’s representation had to pay in order to land the singer the opportunity. The NFL had said that they’d be expecting performers to pay for the glory of the half time show, and the massive exposure that comes alongside.

NFL Penalties Are Way Up This Season

Wanting to get things right, and ruining the product are two extremely different things. With all of the new reviews the NFL brought in a few years ago, including reviewing every scoring play, the game slowed down a little bit. To the point that the second game of the day had to be pushed back a half an hour, because the early games were always running long.

But now things have gotten worse, as the NFL officials are calling more penalties than ever. On the average, penalties are up more than 2 per game so far. That’s a looot of extra penalties when you think about how many games have been played.

But the NFL doesn’t seem to see this as a problem, as they are happy to see more calls being made. They want the officials more involved. I guess less excitement makes the games more exciting, in some type of twisted logic.

There was a time when I’d put off going to Genesis Diamonds to get my fiance her engagement ring, because I had to watch the NFL for the whole day, every Sunday throughout the season. But I have to say guys, you’re making it more difficult than ever to love you.